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Nowadays the facilities of the loan lines are making a lot of people lose their heads, on the one hand, the constant growth is good, today it is possible to know loan information at practically all the credit and financial institutions available in the country through the Internet. Traditional stores like Magazine Luiza, Lojas Renner, Lojas Riachuelo, Pernambucanas Stores, Hyper and Supermarkets, up to “credit loan with Mobile Operators”, and the list keeps growing every day, Google announced that they are also lending money.

With so many people wanting to finance their projects and dreams, soon enough, you will be making loans at McDonald’s . In Brazil there are many possibilities for those who will finance financial resources, BB and CEF are the largest state banks in the country, together they lend the population millions of reais monthly, but there are dozens of other banks and dozens of other financial, credit associations , cooperatives and financing companies doing the same thing.

Each of these institutions has several lines and credit modalities to offer the interested party to request money. Whether it is to meet family budget needs or to fulfill a personal desire for consumption, it does not matter. With so many institutions and types of credit, with so many types of loans and ways to borrow money, the facilities of the loan lines can end up disrupting rather than helping the consumer.

Types of loans and loans

Types of loans and loans

The easiest loans to pick up are the direct payroll discount – who can apply for it – they serve for retirees and pensioners, public servants and employees of companies with agreements with banks, rates are the lowest on the market, and because of this hundreds of thousands of people are indebted.

If you own a car taken up to ten years, borrowing cash in cash is very easy, most of the financial offer the possibility of the owner can use the car with loan guarantee, this way the financial alienates the car and deposits the money requested on the account of the contractor. The operation is called vehicle refinancing, plus an ease to leave you in debt for a few more years.

There are many loan lines with specific purposes to purchase goods, vehicle financing is one of them, real estate financing for property purchase and consumer goods financing (CDC) that can be done with many facilities in most of the stores. retail in the trade, depending on the socio-economic conditions of the customer it is possible to buy up boats and financed yachts.

loan made easy

And the ease of the loan lines that are the ball of the time and every person with a clean name and prove income now has the right, if opening a bank account already leaves the bank with a minimum of R $ 400 credit limit and two cards (a Visa and a MasterCard) to do what you want. After two or three months the banks will make available a pre-approved loan , but if you’re a good customer, okay.

Although these facilities do not offer high credit values, as the old saying goes “from grain to grain and chicken fills” or a saying from the Chinese Sage “A Fox once was a Fox.” Of course, regardless of the size of the credit provided to the citizen, if that credit available to him is not well used or used responsibly, the end of the friendly history between the client and the creditor will turn out to be a case of litigious separation.

With dirty name, I can?

With dirty name, I can?

The ease of getting loan in recent years has graced this niche of people – “those with the dirty name” – borrowing with restraint seems no longer a big problem. The consignment loan, for example, serves well for the purposes of those with a dirty name in the square, associations and credit unions also offer this modality, and a well-known financier, Crefisa, makes a loan even with a negative name .

Utilizing the “available credit and loan facilities” can be helpful for people who know how to use the money in your favor, the credit card is great, checkbook is fabulous and know that you have a credit limit on the bank at your disposal for an hour really need “is priceless,” says the commercial CrediCard, but use wildly these features to your liking, no doubt, the pleasure will turn into disgust.

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