Can there be a mortgage for anything? Complete information in MDfin



When you say a mortgage , everyone will definitely imagine a monetary loan for housing with very strict conditions. You have to pay it in due time, you have to use it for a specific purpose, you have to stop it with some real estate. In short, very strict conditions for getting a mortgage. But is this really one single truth? Isn’t there any mortgage for anything and not so strict rules? Let’s take a look at this article.

Real Estate Liability Is Clear

Real Estate Liability Is Clear




But we start with the rule, which is the same for all mortgages – property guarantees . You will encounter this everywhere and it does not matter if you take a mortgage for new housing or for reconstruction of the old one. However, our enumeration of similarities actually ends. So if you have so far thought that mortgages are only provided to people without a debtor’s record, without execution, and only for a specific purpose, we will bring you out of error now.

Each Mortgage May Be Different

Each Mortgage May Be Different




Just as there is a huge number of financial institutions on the Czech market, there may be various mortgages. Some are actually provided for a specific purpose, others are completely for anything . And that’s exactly what we at Lord Emsworth can do for you. The only limitation is the amount of the mortgage itself . This is limited by the value of the property. But what loan you use is up to you.

Who Do We Help With  The Mortgage?


Anyone who turns to us will receive such a mortgage, regardless of whether it has a debtor register or whether it has a distraint. They don’t even have to own the property themselves. It can be owned by any third person, such as a parent, spouse or sibling.

The mortgage is suitable for anyone who needs funds, has the possibility to guarantee real estate and is able to repay such a loan within 360 months, ie up to 30 years.

Then it’s all up to us. We arrange such a mortgage, arrange and prepare for you and you just enjoy the money itself.

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