8 Ways to Save Money with Today’s Economy


How to save money these days? On the Internet what we find most after articles on loans and financing are websites and blog with tips and advice to teach the Internauta how it is possible to save money saving , but this task besides difficult, is very complex and involves a lot of feelings and denials. Saving money is not just about controlling your personal expenses or rationalizing your expenses, it’s much more than that.

Who will start to save money , have to have a motivation, have to have disposition, have to know that the economy is for something useful and that will benefit the person himself or a group of people like his family. I think even for those who earn a small or medium salary monthly, it is still possible to save money . Today we are mainly to caution ourselves, although many say no, the economy is gradually retracted and decelerated, this is everywhere in the world, the dollar is under pressure, and expectations are “a bit far-fetched.” Preparing for a rise in inflation, an economic bubble, a financial crisis or even unemployment is nothing irrational.

We must all plan our financial future, for this we need to have specific notions and ideas to generate beneficial actions, both to save money and to put money into some investments.

Saving is difficult, it is, more is possible, money keepers should know how to handle some difficulties, check out these 8 instructions on how to save money and profit from it.

Money-saving instructions

Money-saving instructions

1 -) Reassess your needs and cravings – keep in mind what is really helpful, doing this exercise often helps you overcome the craving for inadequate consumption. In my opinion this is the first step for anyone who wants to make a plan to save money in the short and long term.

2 -) Make a budget of earnings and expenses – put everything on paper, make a list with all the details of your income, what you earn, extras, commissions, allowances, bonuses – also accounts for loans, financing, charges in progress – and the expenses and costs of consumer accounts in general. Once you have done this, set a goal, cut out the unnecessary and give it to live without. It sounds complicated, but it’s simple, set the budget goal, have plenty of discipline to stick to it.

3 -) Transfer more expensive debts to cheaper debts – check the interest rates on your personal loans, loans and financing that you happen to have. It may be advantageous to make a credit portability or a debt swap by consolidating all into one payment volume. Currently the financial market is offering good opportunities to lower interest costs. In terms of saving money spent on charges can yield some change in the pocket with this operation.

4) Cancel your credit cards – it is very important to remove from our lives the temptation to consume uncontrollably, and the credit card without doubt a weapon ready to shoot, when one is exhausted there is always another in the wallet, get rid of them. Have only one, it seems radical, but it is valid, the interest of the rotary is high, facilitates consumption and still have to pay annuity and insurance every month.

5 -) Fuel costs – control how much you drive, the fuel for vehicles is very expensive and without speaking the maintenance of the car. Make shorter routes and if you travel, sometimes it is much cheaper to go by bus, if you go by car, do a cost planning and drive with economy, do not sink your foot on the accelerator.

6 -) Car driving as small as possible – having a car is great to come and go, but driving to the bakery two blocks from your house is not enough, save a few miles with your car, this small expense can generate hundreds of real in the long run.

7 -) Money in savings – having a savings account does not hurt anyone, it’s free. You can put your rich money together without having to pay a penny of income tax (IRPF) on income. Currently the old savings does not leave anything to be desired for other types of investments, for a long period can become a small fortune.

8 -) Investing your money – Saved and stopped money is no advantage to anyone, put any amount saved in applications or investments that generate the minimum tax and administrative fees. Making a private pension can be interesting as well, in the market there are dozens of affordable and profitable solutions.

As I said, there are ways to save your money , the most interesting is the ease of finding sites, blogs with spreadsheets and Internet systems that help the citizen in this task, the tip is always to seek information on specialized pages or seek the assistance of trained professionals such as an investment broker or your bank manager with investment experience.

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